Essential Golf Apps

Scorecards, pens, and maps are soon to become outdated modes of recording and navigating your way around a golf course. The future, or more accurately the present, is located in the heart of your smartphone. Next time you’ve taken the wrong turn after the 12th hole or have to abandon your soggy scorecard in the pouring rain, take a moment to think back to the golfing apps below, both of which offer features to aid in your passage round the golf course and enhance your golfing experience in general by giving you up-to-date information and allowing you to record the scores of as many rounds of golf as you can play in a lifetime.

Swing By Swing Golf GPS & Scorecard

Essential Golf Apps

Swing by Swing have a few apps catering to golfers, but their Golf GPS & Scorecard app is their most useful offering by far. This is a free-to-download app that’s got some rudimentary features as standard. Without having to hand any money over you are able to take advantage of the app’s GPS-powered rangefinder function; in-app purchases allow you to unlock extra features in the app, though GPS and Scorecard functions are available as a non-paying user. Some will moan and grumble at this restriction, though you have to remember that you cannot get top-quality apps with all their features enabled without paying a small cost in return.

The rangefinder facet of the app is an excellent tool, particularly considering you get it for free. It uses GPS overlay/satellite imagery of the area you’re in, which lets you tap on the screen to display the distance between you and any selected point on the map. If you’re more than 50 yards away, it will also display the distance between a selected point and the centre of the green. General stats such as the total hole distance and also the par of the hole can also be displayed.

If you’re ok with handing over $0.99 per round or $14.99 for a year’s worth of its functionality, then the “Looper” section of the scorecard system can be used. This is effectively an enhanced version of the free-to-use scoring/stats system. Looper’s features include an enhanced score card interface, distance to front/back greens on every course, grid systems, and wind speed/elevation/club recommendations as well as a handicap calculator.

Don’t worry however: your enjoyment of the app won’t be dulled if you don’t wish to go for the in-app purchases. You can still enjoy the game’s clean interface, GPS, scoring system, and comprehensive gold course database free of charge. In all, this is one of the best apps of its kind you will find for iOS or Android, and the Swing by Swing website has more information if you’re interested in this app.


mScorecard doesn’t quite have the 1,000,000 Play Store downloads enjoyed by Swing by Swing’s app, but don’t let this app’s 50,000+ downloads be an reflection of its quality. mScorecard has been around for well over five years and it offers far more than its name alone would indicate. It is first and foremost an extremely handy scorecard system of course, but it is much, much more. If you choose to make mScorecard your choice of golfing app, then you can also expect GPS functionality, stats tracking, and a gargantuan database of courses totalling well over 20,000, and 400 being added every quarter. This makes mScorecard not only a great tool for golfing, but one that’s constantly being kept up to date making it an intuitive golf mobile app.

Essential Golf Apps

Getting to grips with the interface is an easy task, though one has to sign up (free) for an account before you can use the app’s features. Once signed up and signed in however, you can track all of the stats that you enter and compare old matches with new ones to see if you’ve improved over time. The scorecard element of the app allows you to track stats for 5 players at a time; simply enter the numbers as you go along and the app will store them for you.

The GPS interface in mScorecard is also cleanly designed. It will display distances to any hazards for obstacles on the course as well as displayed distances from the tee box to the pin, with the option to also display the distance from any given point to the middle of the green. Unlike Swing by Swing’s app, you are also able to zoom in to a very impressive degree in order to scope out your terrain more accurately. The interface isn’t designed quite as slickly as competitor Golf Game Book however, so it loses a few marks for this.

The only true drawback of this app is that aesthetically, it isn’t quite as impressive as its competitors. Though its interface is easily navigable, the design isn’t very modern-looking nor does it feel imaginative in its presentation. However, mScorecard can be enjoyed in its entirety for free, and the live shot-recording counter at serves as the ultimate proof of this app’s popularity among golfers.