There’s scarcely a better place than Scotland to indulge in the most indulgent of golf habits, and furthermore there’s no place in Scotland like Galloway in which to unwind, relax, and pursue day after day of golfing relaxation. Instead of trawling the net for hours to find the perfect Galloway golf course for your interests however, how about looking up our pick of Top Golf courses?GOLF COURSES

  • ⛳ Stranraer Golf Club

    Stranraer Golf Club

    Our top pick of Galloway Golf Courses comes in the form of Stranraer, a supremely scenic course situated on the brisk shores of Loch Ryan. This 6308 yard course offers not only supreme views of Ailsa Craig, the Isle of Arran, and the loch itself but also the opportunity to play on a course designed by a golfing legend.

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  • ⛳ Portpartick Golf Club

    Portpartick Golf Club

    It isn’t a long journey from the wonderful village of Portpartick to get to this golf club. Though the club is technically comprised of two courses, the Dunskey course is the 18-hole spectacular that sits in a deserved 2nd place here. Views of the Isle of Man and Mourne Mountains can be expected on clear days.

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  • ⛳ Newton Stewart

    Newton Stewart

    A course which undoubtedly offers some breath-taking views. Situated in the heart of the Galloway hills, and its proximity to the Gulf Stream results in a milder climate than stereotypes of Scotland would usually indicate. This means that Newton Stewart is a course that can be enjoyed on all but a few days of the year.

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